How much attention do we really pay to our window treatments?

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Window treatment can harmonize an interior, provide a needed focal point and offer so much more than just privacy. Beautiful window treatment is not an unnecessary luxury that most people have, but like everything else in your home, it is a reflection of your style and character. Custom window treatments add uniqueness to your choice of window coverings further giving your guests an appreciation and understanding of your personality. With hardware, trimmings, bordering and decorative tape that can be used on both fabric and blinds, we have many options that can be combined to customize your interior decor.

Vertical blinds can be imposing and are mostly used in corporate settings. Although this type of blind can cover large areas of glass and can be easily matched due to its perfectly straight form, this type of covering can get tangled up very easily.

Custom drapery provides elegance and a sophisticated look ranging from sheers to panels with black out living which can offer you different levels of privacy. Do not discount the emotions that fabric can bring to a home. The mood of an interior will almost definitely affect the mood of your home based on the colors that you chose. When choosing draperies several different categories should be considered: privacy, natural light allowance, sound absorption, color and visual/physical touch.

Drapery vs Blinds

  • Blinds as well as shutters are not only a great way to offer privacy but they are also very eco-friendly. Blinds can easily be manipulated to allow light in during the winter months and repel light from entering in the summer thus putting less strain on your heating and air conditioning requirements and improving overall thermal efficiency in your home. Blinds are also very easy to maintain requiring as little as a damp cloth to clean. They also come in a large variety of styles and colors as well as decorative frames that can match any interior decor.
  • Roller shades and roman blinds are easy to operate and provide different levels of privacy while also offering a softer look than shutters. These types of coverings are also very easy to coordinate with the existing panel tracks in a room and are very functional when used as patio or garden doors or even as a room divider.
  • Cordless blinds should be considered for households with children and pets. These will provide a sleek modern look without raising any safety issues and the static finish on them minimizes dust collection.
  • Vertical blinds, although ideal for corporate environments, can also add a lot to the interior of a home. They will make the room look higher if used properly which can make the room feel much more comfortable for guests.
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When choosing the window coverings in your home, don’t be afraid to mix and match. The functionality of shutters and blinds combined with the elegance of side panels can provide a beautiful and welcoming feel to the home. Permanent shutters can provide security and light control while elegant side panels can add a nice ambience to the room and could be updated as your heart desires.