Funny Furniture Ideas Canada

In this decor article we will look at some funny furniture that you can add to your interior decor environment in order to make it extra creative and at the same time funny.  We will be posting a series of articles which include funny and creative furniture that can improve your living space.


Creative Coffee Table

If you want a creative table that will be really unique and funny, you need to purchase the table below which looks like a dog peeing.THis will fit great into any living room. If you live in Canada you can purchase this table from



Funny Cow Couch

If you love cows or dairy products, then you will love this cow couch design. It is very friendly looking a creative and will spice up any decor environment since its black and white in colour, and black and white colours go with any other colour combination.

funny sofa


Creative Shelf Desk

This cabinet desk is a great storage device for any room, and a great interior decor idea as well to bring your room to life.

funny furniture 1


Cool Car Desk

If you are in the car business and want a cool desk that has a car in it which can be used as a desk then this can be a great office decor idea. You can perhaps purchase a scrap car in Toronto for cheap from a company like and incorporate it into your office desk.



Cool Corner Couch

This is a great idea for an apartment which has limited space. This couch is actually very comfortable and can add creativity and uniqueness to your living room or bedroom.

funny corner sofa

A Sandwich Bed

If you love sandwiches then this bed is a great idea for you and your bedroom. It will make any girl or guy you bring into your bedroom laugh.





A Cozy Couch That is Just Funny

This burger sofa will not only keep you really warm in the cold canadian winters but it will also make your friends laugh.




We hope that you enjoyed yet another funny and cool article from We will be posting many interior decor articles like these so you can get some great ideas for you living space.

Creative Interior Decor Ideas

In this article we will be showcasing some very creative and interesting interior decor ideas. These interior decor photos have been taken mostly from rich homes and apartments, but the middle class can also afford them, so enjoy this creative article and we hope that they inspire you to incorporate some of the ideas in this article in your own homes.

A Custom Made Wood Stairway with a Slide!

In the image below we can see an very creative idea for a stairway. This was built by a father for his children. Creating a playful environment and a great way for children to have fun coming down when their parents call them. The big windows also allow lots of sunlight into this home making it a great environment to live in.

interior stairway slide

Cool Glass Bathroom Floor.

In this image we see a great and creative idea for a modern bathroom, that may help some folks with a acrophobia go to the bathroom quicker. Building one of these bathrooms is probably very expensive and requires a very deep basement.

bathroom glass floor

bathroom glass floor

Romantic and Creative Aquarium bedroom Set

This beautiful and affordable aquarium bed set is ideal for anyone that wants to watch fish and water as they fall asleep. This should definitely stimulate wet dreams in any home.

bedroom aquarium

bedroom aquarium

Creative Indoor Treehouse Bedroom

Influencing a child’s creativity is a very important developmental factor for children. This amazing bedroom will inspire creativity in any child who spends time in it.  Do you love your children this much to build them an indoor tree house.

bedroom kids tree house

bedroom kids tree house

Very Creative Chandelier Lamp That Illuminates a Room With Tree Shadows.

This incredible chandelier lamp will turn any ordinary room in your house into a creative tree house. Although the shadows look a little creepy we still think its really creative and great.

chandelier idea

chandelier idea

Great Indoor Hammock Couch For Romance

An inexpensive hammock for the inside of your home. You would just need to anchor it into the concrete in order to prevent it from ripping out and injuring you and your loved ones. The only thing this living room is missing is some window coverings that will match the fabric of the pillows on the sofa. Window treatments add a lot of creativity to any living environment.

creative couch idea

creative couch idea

Amazing Staircase Library Book Shelf

If you love reading and collecting book in your home library then you will love this shelf system that is custom made for a stairway. You would have to walk over your books but if you are careful enough you will not damage them.

library stairway interior

Romantic Garden hangout Theatre

If you love watching movies with your partner than there is no point of going to the theatres anymore. You can set up a fairly inexpensive romantic environment in your backyard, unless you live in Canada! However since you will be rolling on the floor a lot you will want to contact your local cleaner like

library stairway interior
outdoor garden couch

outdoor garden couch

Incredible Indoor Outdoor Swimming Pool

If you have money and would like to build a swimming pool that will be outside and inside of your home then you may like the photo below. Just imagine relaxing on top of your balcony and looking at the view outside. Get rich or die trying!

outdoor indoor swimming pool

outdoor indoor swimming pool


Thank you for taking the time to view our article. We hope that you enjoyed the interesting photos and that they have influenced  you to get creative, or to start working harder so you also can have a home that looks as great.

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Canadian Window Treatment Resources

We would like to list some high quality window treatment resources to our blog readers.

We want you to know that these websites are carefully picked in order to promote Canadian websites that offer high quality information with regards to window treatments.

If you would like to contribute some high quality resources to this website please feel free to contact


How much attention do we really pay to our window treatments?

window treatments bedroom

window treatments photo of a beautiful bedroom

Window treatment can harmonize an interior, provide a needed focal point and offer so much more than just privacy. Beautiful window treatment is not an unnecessary luxury that most people have, but like everything else in your home, it is a reflection of your style and character. Custom window treatments add uniqueness to your choice of window coverings further giving your guests an appreciation and understanding of your personality. With hardware, trimmings, bordering and decorative tape that can be used on both fabric and blinds, we have many options that can be combined to customize your interior decor.

Vertical blinds can be imposing and are mostly used in corporate settings. Although this type of blind can cover large areas of glass and can be easily matched due to its perfectly straight form, this type of covering can get tangled up very easily.

Custom drapery provides elegance and a sophisticated look ranging from sheers to panels with black out living which can offer you different levels of privacy. Do not discount the emotions that fabric can bring to a home. The mood of an interior will almost definitely affect the mood of your home based on the colors that you chose. When choosing draperies several different categories should be considered: privacy, natural light allowance, sound absorption, color and visual/physical touch.

Drapery vs Blinds

  • Blinds as well as shutters are not only a great way to offer privacy but they are also very eco-friendly. Blinds can easily be manipulated to allow light in during the winter months and repel light from entering in the summer thus putting less strain on your heating and air conditioning requirements and improving overall thermal efficiency in your home. Blinds are also very easy to maintain requiring as little as a damp cloth to clean. They also come in a large variety of styles and colors as well as decorative frames that can match any interior decor.
  • Roller shades and roman blinds are easy to operate and provide different levels of privacy while also offering a softer look than shutters. These types of coverings are also very easy to coordinate with the existing panel tracks in a room and are very functional when used as patio or garden doors or even as a room divider.
  • Cordless blinds should be considered for households with children and pets. These will provide a sleek modern look without raising any safety issues and the static finish on them minimizes dust collection.
  • Vertical blinds, although ideal for corporate environments, can also add a lot to the interior of a home. They will make the room look higher if used properly which can make the room feel much more comfortable for guests.
blinds Canada

beautiful window blinds Canada.

When choosing the window coverings in your home, don’t be afraid to mix and match. The functionality of shutters and blinds combined with the elegance of side panels can provide a beautiful and welcoming feel to the home. Permanent shutters can provide security and light control while elegant side panels can add a nice ambience to the room and could be updated as your heart desires.

Custom or Ready-made Shutters

Custom ShuttersShutters can be found in almost every modern home in the western world. Interestingly as the home interior goes through dramatic changes from the contemporary to the traditional, it is evident that shutters are also dramatically going through change. Most commonly there are a variety of different types of shutters, but two types are very well used and known. The two most popular shutters are custom tailored-manufactured shutters, and mass produced or ready-made shutters. Understandably, the custom manufactured shutters are costly and rightly so, as they are exclusive in design and purpose. On the other hand, mass produced (or ready-made) shutters are easier and simpler to manufacture and design since they are mass produced and require no customization or tailoring. Custom made shutters can be modified to fit any regular or irregular window, as they can be custom built to perfectly fit any window. Moreover, custom designed and manufactured shutters are expensive and can be costly compared to ready-made shutters. But quality and customization can be well worth the extra cost when comparing the finished look and quality of custom shutters with ready-made shutters. One reason why custom shutters are more expensive then ready-made shutters is because custom shutters fit exactly to the measurements of the windows, and when installed properly look flawless. Ready-made shutters do not perfectly fit many windows. Secondly, custom designed shutters, are exclusive in design. On top of that, shutters that are custom designed are definitely better in quality and craftsmanship. However, mass manufactured (ready-made) shutters, are not only generic but are also plain in features. Eventually, selection of shutters, whether custom or ready-made, depends on the homeowner. The selection can be influenced by expert advice in the shutters business. For great advice on shutters checkout Prestige Decor in mississauga. No wonder, the expert and professional guidance is a definite step, to enhance the look of the house in addition to the value of the home. But eventually, whatever the method of selection of shutters, the message is loud and clear, that shutters are the eyes to the exterior of the house. Well designed, professionally tailored shutters will add that eloquent vision to the eye, irrespective of the view outside the home.